“I am Tudor Cepoi, I started in this company as a supervisor, since then I have completed 2 projects, now I am in the 3rd, I like what I do and I think this can be seen from the results obtained and the good relationship with all colleagues, contractors , subcontractors or customers.

The company is always growing, giving everyone the opportunity and support to grow and from year to year it is better and better developed to be a successful company. It all depends on the people, especially those who do not miss any opportunity to advance in their career, to learn new things and then to put them into practice.

Tips for new colleagues?

  • Work on projects using the latest technologies
  • Enjoy a dynamic work environment
  • Work on interesting projects
  • Create products that help thousands of people around the world
  • Work with talented developers
  • Be part of a team that loves to learn and is proud of their work
  • Earn a competitive salary
  • Enjoy an excellent work-life balance

I consider myself one of them and I think I brought a plus to this company just like my other colleagues.”

Location: London