„I started the job at Refresh AMS Ltd: September 2020 (laborer)
December 2020: mech. fitter
February 2021: slinger signaler
October 2021: lifting supervisor (in progress)

This is my journey in the company Refresh AMS Ltd, the conclusion is that there is the possibility of personal and professional development. I enjoyed the 10 months at Refresh AMS, it is a good work / life balance, the management team is very helpful and the atmosphere is excellent. At the same time, there is an understanding on the part of management when a personal problem arises. People are friendly and nice. If you want to have a family at work, this is the place to come.

Tips for new employees would be:

Gain the trust of your supervisor.
Be brave and decisive.
Pay attention to technical progress.
Always be prepared. This means that you are well acquainted with all the technical documents.
Give and receive criticism constructively. ”



Location: London