Hi! I’m Mihaela, secretary / office coordinator / office manager, I don’t have a specific title. I represent the `office` Refresh AMS and as far as I know, I am the only one.

Mr. Borcea initially contacted me to deal with invoices, respectively the dance told me the people and the hours, I made the invoice and sent it. I came with the experience gained in my other job, that of assistant accountant, which is why I was co-opted in this project. So I have been in the company since the beginning, since Oct 2019, dealing with the company’s accounting accounts from Jan 2019, when I started working for the accounting office that still deals with Refresh AMS.

I can say that the start was fulminant, due to the experience and skills of the director. In the sense that I started with 10 people and Refres AMS increased gradually, weekly, reaching very quickly dozens of operations, and several works at the same time.

With the company having an extraordinary growth rate, I can’t say that my job was to make an invoice until the first month. My job description has increased in several tasks, proportionally. I am responsible for the financial part – invoices, payment tracking, accounts reconciliation – as well as for the human resources part – operative documents, immigration status, timesheets, operative’s hours. I am also the man who keeps in touch with the contractors on the office side. At the same time I deal with payroll and bookkeeping – in terms of the position I hold on the external accounting side.

Personally, I can say that man sanctifies the place. And here I mean Alex Borcea, the director of this company. The man without whom nothing today was achievable. He is an extremely dedicated man, intelligent and focused on human resources, aware that this is the most important resource of any successful business. We found a manager actively involved in developing the potential of each worker, in the well-being and well-being of each wheel (employee) that spins in this mechanism called Refresh AMS.

I know, we are human, we think and we are most interested in the financial part. For me, Alex Borcea is the boss who never had to ask for a salary increase or beat the slightest one. He simply sees and rewards the dedication, loyalty, work done in and for the team, which is immediately seen in the company’s successes.

I am extremely proud and grateful to be part of this successful business, called Refresh AMS!

Location: London