“I started my job at Refresh AMS in June 2020 … I started as a laborer, in two months I became a mechanic and after another 6 months supervisor … it is a beautiful company, in which you can advance very quickly if you give your interest .. .

The most enjoyable part of my job is stammering between our colleagues, but the most challenging is managing people. Working at Refresh AMS is a wonderful experience. I learned so much and I was given the opportunity to grow and learn … The management is very friendly, and the employees treat each other like a family.

Tips for new colleagues?

Communication is the cornerstone of the relationships that exist within Refresh AMS. The information that is sent and received is made in a transparent manner and is accessible to all. Even through this communication the different teams can know what is happening around them and can act accordingly.

Here, it is not uncommon to see someone who started as a “junior” or “freshman” and now holds a professional position. As a team, we all do our best to help each other succeed.

A work atmosphere that promotes trust, both between teams and between managers and employees, creates a dynamic in which everyone can express themselves, can bring their ideas to the table and can be heard.”

Location: London