I was the first employee, Alex was my supervisor before.., I started in two working from the beginning at these conveyor belts where we now know everything, working hard we both got to the top.

The companies we worked for started asking for people, new partnerships started and we always needed people, I became a supervisor as a worker. I ended up having 10 people in my care at the beginning, and I went back to work… as I progressed I ended up having 30 people in my care. It was always a place under the sun at Refresh AMS for any newcomer! It was hard but with achievements, if I look back I can say that it is worth fighting in a family like Refresh AMS. I like my job here, I have a great team around me. Our priorities are our customers and our team.

We make an effort … sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s harder, many of us are perfected and we know that we can always do even better. I like to meet new clients and help them with their needs.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished here.

Location: London