“Hello nation, my name is Cristinel Maftei I have been working on this Refresh AMS for 10 months I started as a Fitter, now I am a Supervisor, on this occasion I want to thank the manager Refresh AMS Alex for the trust given.

If I had asked what advice I could give to someone who wants to join the Refresh AMS team, I can clearly say that I like working here.

It is a company that deserves to work and a great opportunity to progress. A good team environment. Good people and good management. There are many opportunities with the job in the UK, in the country the salaries are very low compared to how much I earn now, I can say that I am satisfied with myself and my position in the company.

Our growth as professionals is also the growth of the company. My evolution in Refresh AMS is a reflection of the evolution of our company, which reflects our ambitions and aspirations.”

Location: London