“Hello, I’m Costache Ionel, I’m 34 years old. I met Alex Borcea, the manager of Refresh AMS on the phone, he was recommended to me by some friends, I was in Romania, at that time I didn’t have much confidence in what he said, but it seems that I was wrong and everything I had discussed with him remained that way.

I got a job as a fitter, of course I didn’t know the field I worked in but with patience and attention I started to progress and thanks to my mentor (Bobo) a boy of grade 10 whom I will not forget I thank whenever I will I have the opportunity. I and several of my colleagues have advanced a lot, I have progressed day by day in this family called Refresh AMS.

Now I became a Supervisor, although I didn’t have that in mind when I took the first step here, but with the support and confidence of Mr. Alex that it is possible even more and I want to thank him in this way for trusting me … “

Location: London