„As a team leader, it was my role not only to ensure my team met our deadlines but also to communicate bandwidth to other departments and keep my team motivated.

I started from the bottom like a salahor… after a night life of about 7 years in Spain … I arrived in the UK with 3000 euros for an antique phone … and a map in a single room … my contact was a cousin of mine, may God give him health …

After many refusals to Insurance Number I succeeded, I started working as a salesman on site… I do not like to receive orders and I decided to invest in myself and tools a lot (NVQ, HND Business, Project Management)

After 10 years of hard work, my chance also appeared ….. which I took advantage of and started a small job with Dragos Ristoiu (my right hand and now) … I started in two and I grew very fast having a maximum number of 120 workers (verifiable) …

I am 36 years old, a wonderful family, a wonderful team and I am proud that we managed to reach this level in only 3 years … There would be a lot to say but I will limit myself to that, thank you for trusting everyone and … God Help!

Without you I wouldn’t be who I am now! Listen Better Plan Better Build Better. „

Location: London